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Our Top Picks For Toughest, Durable Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers July 1, 2020 Our Top Picks For Toughest, Durable Dog Toys   Welcome to Camp Ruff Ruff’s website. We will like to share our experience with heavy dog chewers and toys. Many of us have met or owned dogs that just destroy all toys …

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FAQ What actually is the clicker and why do I use it? An event marker that identifies the desired response and “bridges” the time between the response and the delivery of the primary reinforcer. A secondary reinforcer that can be delivered with extremely precise contiguity. The clicker is a bridging stimulus which also includes stimuli …

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housebreaking - potty

Potty Training

Potty Training Housebreaking or potty training your pup is a must for harmonious living indoors with the family. Eliminating indoors just is not acceptable in human culture and it is up to you as your dog’s care giver to help him understand how to adapt to life in the home. Going potty in the …

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crate training a dog

Crate Training

Crate Training We strongly believe that crate training is the best way to help with potty training your puppy or new dog. The idea behind crate training is dogs do not like to potty where they sleep or spend time therefore they will try to hold it until they are let out. The crate also …

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Bringing Home A New Dog

Bringing Home A New Dog New Dog Basic Crate & Potty Training Grooming and Handling Coming Soon! Frequently Ask Questions

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