Is putting my dog in a cage is good?


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I have been noticing that my dog need a space to do exercise, jumping running etc. I take my dog with me while walking but most of the time I am at work and at that time my dog bore and want to go outside. I have a large garden in my home and I am now thinking to buy this dog run for my dog so that he can easily do whatever he wants to do and also I am not afraid of anything that he is fine or not. Doing this is a good way to keep my dog entertaining?
Great question and a common one many owners/parents ask like leaving their dogs while they go to work. Most people work 8 hour days plus travel time and that can add up to 10 plus hours. Crate training IMHO is a good thing because I believe it becomes a safe place for a dog. You can take a quick read about crate training here.

Now your asking about building a run outside which is kind of different. This is like letting a dog outside in the yard. Many things to think about:
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Learning bad behaviors like barking at different environmental stimuli
  • Shade from the sun or some type of shelter
This is some of the things to think about and I am sure others would add more. What we recommend is giving your dogs a nice overall enrichment plan every day and most dogs will do fine alone while at work depending on age. If more high energy dogs need more mental stimulation we advise to maybe add in a midday walk or two. This may include hiring a dog walker.

Adding in some mental stimulation would also help your dog relax and sleep more when your away. You can schedule for longer walks. You can use frozen Kong’s for morning feeding instead of feeding out of a bowl. Frozen Kong’s can be used by adding kibble into Kong toy and adding a safe smear like peanut butter around around the hole and freezing it. Therefore dog has to work to get its morning feeding. It’s great mental stimulation as most dogs eat out of a bowl very quickly.

Therefore, is it ok to keep a dog in an outside run. Ethically for me as long as everything is thought out about physically and mental safety I would lean more towards yes. Or even possibly having a doggie door where the dog can chose to come back into the home.

Any questions feel free to ask! Hopefully other will chime in also :)
I have asked this because I feel that my dog get bored in house so I am giving my dog a environment where he enjoys and also take a fresh air. I have a large garden so I am utilizing it.