Is temperament hereditary?


As a dog owner, I have kept dogs that were different in their own ways. One interesting thing that I observed was that the temperaments weren't the same. Could we possibly assume that genetics (in addition to the environmental factors) play a role in determining a dog's temperament?
I like to think parents do have some influence on overall temperament but we never know how a puppy will turn out. Example, Breed two fearful dogs chances are we might see fear and anxiety in a pup.

Many things have influence on a dogs temperament such as nature vs nurture:
  • Parents
  • How they where with parents first few weeks
  • Owners of dog and breeder
  • Socialization during imprint stage
  • Breed specifics

Just to name a few influencers. The bottom line is genetics do have a factor on a Dogs personality along with many other things.

My two cents on the topic :)
I know that there are some personality traits that seem to be genetically linked, as many dogs in the same breed will have some similar personality traits, such as intelligence. However, I believe the environment a dog is raised in also influences which personality traits end up coming out. A dog who is genetically predisposed to be social may not become social if she is kept isolated from other dogs or people, for instance.