Dog Park Safety

Sep 19 2018

Dog Parks: Outdated Menace or Tool for Socialization?

 Dog Parks: Outdated Menace or Tool for Socialization?  How to evaluate and use your local dog park to have a good time while avoiding conflict Alot like TGIFriday’s, the social hub of the 90’s, dog ...
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hurricane pet dog go bag

Sep 12 2018

Hurricane Pet Dog Go Bag

Camp Ruff Ruff has been around dogs 24 hours a day 7 days a week for over a decade. We couldn't stop thinking of what we would do in a case of a natural disaster ...
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senior dog

Aug 29 2018

Seizures and Your Senior Dog

 Seizures and Your Senior Dog    As senior dogs approach the sunset of their lives, they may begin to show signs of the many health issues that generally afflict the older dogs.  It is not ...
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where to board my dog

Aug 15 2018

How to Choose the Best Care for Your Dog When Away

 How to Choose the Best Care for Your Dog When Away    So, you’re going on a trip and you can’t take your pooch. While this situation often causes distress, choosing the right professional to ...
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