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Welcome to Camp Ruff Ruff dog training tips. Here you will find tips on some basic dog training and advanced behavior problems.

COVID-19 Tips:

Now that many of us are home a lot more with our furry friends, remember this can also be stressful for many dogs. We kind of changed their routine and don't forget to give them some alone time. Soon we will all go back to some kind of normal and have to leave our dogs alone again. Don't forget to give them some alone time while we are all home, so they don't get to stressed out when we go back to our lives. STAY SAFE... See pic for more tips.

Are you looking for information on socializing your new puppy during the COVID-19. We been getting lots of request for puppies and any questions feel free to visit our FB page or our forum section over at our sister site Doggie Residence.   dog forum

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