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Teaching dogs to solve problems is very important because it builds confidence and dogs learn to adapt to our ever changing environment. Here at Camp Ruff Ruff you will learn to instill behaviors, modify unwanted behaviors and learn to look at what function any behavior serves an animal. Learn the foundation of animal behavior to become a better communicator:


Lots of interesting topics for adults and kids. Fun interesting facts, breeds for kids, games for dogs and kids to build a stronger bond. NEW Coloring Book Pages for kids to learn dog safety (just download and color)

Fun Facts & Tips

Lesson Bundles:

  • Bringing Home a New Dog
  • Basic Crate and Potty Training
  • More coming soon...

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Livestock guardian dogs stay with a group of animals they protect as a full-time member of the flock or herd. Their ability to guard their herd is mainly instinctive, as the dog is bonded to the herd from an early age.


Do we stop behavior or change behavior?

We often read about all the things we should not do to correct bad dog behavior (like pulling on our dog's leash, yell at them, grab the scruff of the neck, show them who is boss, use squirt bottles, gentle leaders, or any other type of collar). Then we read about how we should not let our dog sleep with us, eat with us, go out the door first, live outside, live inside, be off leash...But we never learn what we should do to correct bad dog behavior!

Putting it all together to teach our learners


  • ¬†Capturing - waiting for it to happen then reward "like a sneeze"
  • ¬†Shaping- rewarding small pieces of a behavior to build a more complete behavior. " like spin around reward little head turns then head towards rump until a complete spin"
  • Luring - using something dog wants like food to nose and lure him into a sit.
  • ¬†Prompting- anything physical or material that is used to get dog to perform a behavior you want. Eg food lure, clapping of hands, body block "food lure is promoting"
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