Owning a pet is a privilege. Yet, if you’ve never had one before, you may be overwhelmed by all that you have to consider. Here are five tips to help you find the pet of your dreams. 


Navigate Choices

Research is key before you select your pet. You have to be certain that your home and your lifestyle are compatible with your choice. Come up with a checklist, then go through it systematically. Does anyone in your home have allergies? If so, you will be limited to fewer breeds and should probably consider birds or reptiles. Do you live in a house or apartment? Yards are beneficial if your heart is set on a dog, but cats and smaller pets will be more adaptable to limited spaces. Regulations may also influence your decision. Even if you have abundant room, your Homeowners Association may have rules that restrict your options. Some HOAs have weight limits, and that could discount numerous types.

Ready the Home

Pet-proofing is a must. There may be dangers throughout your house, from exposed cables to toxic plants. Go through each room from their perspective and gate areas you want to be off-limits. Deal with anything troubling, such as replacing trash cans with less accessible alternatives. Lock away anything potentially harmful, and explain hazards to your housemates. Accidents may still happen, however. Pets are animals, and their exuberance or stress could cause stains. Avoid using cleaning chemicals, as their scent might encourage further incidents. Instead, use warm water and natural odor neutralizers to deal with unpleasant smells.

Nurture Comfort

Many pets thrive on familiarity and stability. Routine helps produce this, and breeds can develop a level of trust that can help with stress and anxiety. Rescues may be particularly sensitive to new environments. Yet, if they already have belongings, such as a blanket or chew toys, use them to your advantage. These items have smells that can assuage anxiety and help make your home feel like theirs. Put these possessions, alongside purchased accessories, in an area where they can retreat when stress spikes. This should be somewhere away from the hubbub of daily life, where they can also be crated when you are away. While you will want to acclimate them to the rest of their home, this can become their sanctuary.


You will want nothing more than to bond with your pet. However, this may not happen immediately, especially if they are a rescue animal. If possible, take time off work to focus on them. The routines you introduce can be influential, as play, feeding, and grooming are all ways to connect. Don't hold back with how you show affection during these activities. Making eye contact and being generous with petting can reassure nervous or stressed animals. You do not have to come up with elaborate techniques if you devote time to your new friend.

Assistive Technology

You may be able to smooth your pet's transition with smart technology. Will work eat into your time with your companion? You could still maintain their routines through automated feeders and waterers. Even playtime does not have to stop in your absence thanks to remote-operated toys. Tech can also help with stress and reduce any guilt you have about leaving them during the day. You could monitor them through video cameras, and complement these devices with motion sensors. Whatever concerns you have, you may find that smart tech can help.

Bringing home your first pet is not an easy process. Being a pet owner takes research and patience, and it's crucial that you choose an animal best suited to your lifestyle. With time and preparation, you can find the pet perfect for you.


Jessica Brody - Guest Blogger

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