Livestock Guardian Dog Section


Preventing LGD Failure – Meeting Your LGD’s Needs

 Preventing LGD Failure – Meeting Your LGD’s Needs It can be confusing, especially for new owners of livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) to sort out which information to follow as oftentimes the advice they hear is contradictory. For example “never bring them in the house and don’t handle them a lot” versus “bring them inside where …

Livestock Guardian Dogs

History and Training Styles

Between herding dogs who control the movement of herds, and the livestock guardian dogs who protect herds from invading predators, working dogs have maintained their ancient roots as man’s best friend. Little known unless you live in an agricultural region, livestock guardian dogs play a major role in the safety...

Visit Our Education Section

This section is for working and pet LGDs. We will talk about positive training methods for dogs of livestock guardian breeds and their unique training challenges. We at Camp Ruff Ruff will provide a supportive and comfortable learning experience for owners and their dogs. It can be very stressful to live with a dog that has a serious behavior problem, we support those who are struggling with their dogs. We encourage all visitors to check out this file section for training and behavior information.

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