Here are some dog supplies that we have had great success with over the years. As always please research and follow safety precautions with all toys and tools.

Freedom No Pull Harness

Freedom No Pull Harness

The patented harness minimizes/eliminates pulling, neck strain, and the chance of escape. The Freedom No Pull Harness is effective because of the back training & communication loop. In addition to the back training loop the Freedom No Pull Harness features a secondary front attachment for re-direction.

The harness is extremely effective for training and minimizes the effect of pulling for several reasons: (1) tightening effect of the loop on the harness, (2) the location of the loop, (3) the reconfigurable design that allows you to attach to only the back or to the front and back of the harness simultaneously.

bully sticks
Best Bully Sticks

Supreme All-Natural Bully Stick Dog Treats

Promotes Dental Health:

Our Supreme Bully Sticks are an All-Natural, Fully Digestible dog chew that promotes dental health by scraping away unhealthy Tartar and Plaque while your pup chews. A truly superior alternative to chemically processed chews like rawhide.

100% Natural:

Every single one of our bully sticks is hand-inspected to ensure they are free of any hormones, additives or unhealthy chemicals. Our Supreme Bully Sticks are a single-ingredient dog chew which makes them fully digestible and a healthy, naturally flavorful alternative to other chemically-processed treats and chews like rawhide.

Natural Scent:

Our Supreme Bully Sticks are 100% natural with no artificial preservatives or additives. This means they may contain a natural scent which you might not love but your pup will go CRAZY for!

Harness Lead

Harness Lead

Use with kindness. Do not jerk, yank or correct dog in Harness Lead. If dog continues to pull HARD, then leash is not working for dog , so discontinue use. Extremely important to properly fit by aligning black stops with front leg according to directions. This will prevent tightening around neck. Do not use for tie out, do not use to have dog tow weight. This is a walking tool and is not to be used for running with dog, as leash tightens and dog can control this by slowing his pace. Harness Lead is a leash & harness in one. REDUCES PULL: When dogs pulls against the leash, Harness Lead will gently tighten around the barrel only, NO tightening around the neck...See more details on Amazon

position harness lead

kong tire

Tires Extreme Dog Toy

KONG Tires is a durable tire chew designed to provide the ultimate chewing experience. The uniquely shaped sidewalls and thick outer tread create a super durable, elastic barrier. The sidewalls are designed to double up and rebound when compressed to provide an active chewing experience, and the Tires are perfect for bouncy games of fetch. Covered by KONG Satisfaction Guarantee. See KONG Satisfaction Guarantee document below for full details.


Jolly Ball
Jolly Pets Teaser Ball

Heavy Dog Chewers Toy

Unique ball within a ball rolls erratically and can hold any dogs attention.

In over a decade of running a dog training and boarding business we had our share of heavy chewers. Therefore we will like to share this Jolly Ball toy that has held up for us over the years.

As always, please supervise all dogs with toys and bones, even ones that have been proved to be tough. Check back often for updates and we also have a forum over at our sister site Doggie Residence.

Our Heavy Dog Chewer toy list here

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Safety Information

Inspect toy frequently. Remove toy if damaged.

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We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product

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