Body Language


ANATOMY CANINE BODY LANGUAGE: LIPS, EARS, TAIL, ETC LEARN TO READ THE WHOLE DOG NOTE: This section is in progress and will be updated daily! We have added the most widely recognized and just enough to advance any skill levels Anatomy Whether we simply are living with dogs, or training them we all need knowledge of canine physical structure. First thing any professional would recommend in a sudden change in behavior is a full veterinarian […]

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Understanding Behavior-Body Language-Vocalizations

“Why is he doing that?” Have you ever looked at your dog and thought “Why is he doing that?” or “Hmmm, what is my dog feeling?” One way dogs communicate is through body language. Reading a dog’s body language and accompanying behaviors can provide you with a lot of information about how your dog is feeling and what his next step might be. This becomes especially important when trying to keep yourself and your children

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