Code of Ethics 

Camp Ruff Ruff is dedicated to advocating and maintaining ethical practices in the dog training world. A large number of the public trust dog training professionals with behavioral guidance for their companion dogs; therefore we are critical about our commitment to operate ethically. Every one of us at Camp Ruff Ruff is an example for all our members and for other dog training professionals. Therefore we take our commitment to high standards of excellence, professionalism, and ethical conduct very serious.

We follow a code of ethics and guidelines which help us educate the public, upcoming professionals and professionals alike with all the ethical challenges if our profession. Our mission is to help “Set All Humane and Canine Relationships up for Success” and lead the industry to the next level.

Our Code OF Ethics

  • To advise clients in achieving humane, sensible, training and behavior goals in accordance with the least intrusive Humane Hierarchy in behavior change.
  • Educate training and behavior modification methods based on accurate scientific peer reviewed research, highlighting positive relationships between people and dogs and using positive reinforcement-based technology.
  • To understand and promote Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA)
  • Educate the importance of never guaranteeing a specific outcome for any training.
  • We at Camp Ruff Ruff will work within the professional boundaries and individual expertise and withdraw from giving any suggestion, conclusion,  or councel in areas of veterinary medicine or family counseling unless certified to do so. We will recommend members to see a veterinary or behavior consulting professional (Behaviorist when we see fit, which holds a PhD).
  • We promise to hold back from educating dog training and behavioral information as scientific, unless the information is derived from peer-reviewed and published research.
  • To refrain from posting any defamation of colleagues or members, respecting their right to establish and follow their own principles of conduct, provided those principles are ethical and humane according to the least intrusive Humane Hierarchy of behavior change.
  • To treat each member with honesty and integrity, respecting their legitimate training and behavior goals and the freedom of their choices, provided they conform to legal standards of humane treatment for their pet.
  • We promise to provide the best advice to our best knowledge for the safety of all members and animals in our training advice and behavior consultations.
  • We promise to conduct ourselves as professionals without discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, race, color, physical limitation, national origin, gender, disability, marital or familial status, religion, sexual orientation,  or political beliefs.

How the code is enforced?

We have Bi-monthly meetings and discuss each other’s ethical overall performance. We will take all necessary steps to uphold our ethical stance and continue to lead the industry in the right direction.

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