Thanksgiving safety tips for dogs!

Thanksgiving safety tips for dogs    Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time for family and friends, but it’s important to keep in mind the safety of your furry friends, especially dogs, during the festivities. Here are some Thanksgiving safety tips for dogs: Avoid Feeding Table Scraps: While it’s tempting to share the feast with your dog, many Thanksgiving foods can be harmful to them. Foods like chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, alcohol, and certain artificial …

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Thanksgiving safety tips for dogs

How to Identify and Stop Attention-Seeking Behavior in Dogs

How to Identify and Stop Attention-Seeking Behavior in Dogs  Identifying and stopping attention-seeking behavior in dogs is essential to ensure a well-behaved and balanced canine companion. Attention-seeking behaviors in dogs can manifest in various ways, such as excessive barking, jumping, pawing, whining, and nudging. Here are some steps you can take to address and curb attention-seeking behavior in your dog: Positive Reinforcement Training: Use positive reinforcement techniques to reward your dog for good behavior. When …

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attention-seeking jumping

What is dog boundary training?

 What is dog boundary training?  Dog boundary training is a form of training that teaches dogs to recognize and respect boundaries, both physical and behavioral. The goal is to help the dog understand where they are allowed to go and what behaviors are acceptable within those areas. Boundary training is especially useful for keeping dogs safe and preventing them from engaging in undesirable behaviors. Here are some common aspects of dog boundary training: Physical Boundaries: …

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boundary training

Why do dogs growl? What does growling mean?

 Why do dogs growl? What does growling mean? A growling dog is expressing a form of vocal communication that typically indicates their discomfort, warning, or a response to a perceived threat or challenge. Growling is a natural behavior in dogs and is their way of expressing various emotions or intentions. It’s essential to interpret a dog’s growl in the context of their body language and the situation they are in. Here are some common reasons …

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What is Normal Dog Play?

What is normal dog play?      Normal dog play refers to the typical behaviors and interactions exhibited by dogs when engaging in social play with other dogs or sometimes even with humans. Play is an important aspect of a dog’s development and socialization. It allows them to learn important social skills, practice communication, and release energy in a positive and enjoyable way. Here are some characteristics and behaviors commonly seen during normal dog play: …

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dog play

The Theories on How Dogs Were Domesticated

 How Were Dogs Domesticated   Dogs are one of the oldest domesticated species in the world, with a rich and fascinating history that spans back tens of thousands of years. The exact process of how dogs were domesticated remains shrouded in mystery, but there is growing evidence to suggest that it was a gradual and complex process that involved a unique collaboration between wolves and humans. The domestication of dogs is believed to have occurred …

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domesticated wolves

Why do dogs attack humans or even try to kill them?

Why do dogs attack humans? Or even try to kill? I recently heard a dog walker in the UK was attacked by 7 dogs she was walking. News is stating that the 7 dogs attached her and she might have died. I am not sure of the full story as it keeps changing, and you all know how that goes! Being that I am in the field of animal behavior, we find this type of …

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body language

Desensitizing and Counter-conditioning

 Desensitizing and Counter-conditioning    At one point in time, I had a neurotic sheltie.  Some people might say that most shelties are neurotic, but you’ll soon see why this case was a misunderstanding.  Candy was afraid of everything; vacuums, carpeting, other dogs, and the entire contents of the outside world.  Fortunately, through using the slow and steady technique of counter-conditioning and desensitization, Candy was able to lose nearly all of her neurosis and was adopted …

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Desensitizing and Counter-conditioning

Social Learning Theory in Dogs

Social Learning Theory in Dogs Sometimes the most useful behaviors are learned by watching others; how to play catch, buttoning up a jacket, and how to run up and down stairs.  All of these examples of learning through observation, a process shared by both humans and dogs.  This method of learning is called the social learning theory, and can be a dog owners salvation in teaching new activities and understanding old behaviors. What is social …

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social learning theory
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