Top Dog Training Tips – From Professionals and Owners

Top Dog Training Tips From Professionals and Dog Owners Top Dog Training TipsAll | A C L N S U | Submit a TipThere are currently 9 Tips in this directoryA wagging tail does not always mean a happy dog.A wagging tail usually means an aroused dog and can be related to fear and insecurity. See body language a happy dog has a whole body wiggle.Submitted by: CRRAlways reinforce good behaviors.Dogs always default to most …

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Why do dogs attack humans or even try to kill them?

Why do dogs attack humans? Or even try to kill? I recently heard a dog walker in the UK was attacked by 7 dogs she was walking. News is stating that the 7 dogs attached her and she might have died. I am not sure of the full story as it keeps changing, and you all know how that goes! Being that I am in the field of animal behavior, we find this type of …

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body language

Dog Facts & Tips for Adults and Children

Dog Facts Many interesting dog facts that most people don’t know. Dog Training Tips Top Tips From Owners & Trainers Submit your tips…COMING SOON Coming Soon Games Top Dog Breeds For Kids Coming Dog Breeds Games you can teach your kids to interact with your dog.

Fun Facts & Tips

Pros and Cons of Four Major Training Methods

Pros and Cons of Four Major Training Methods There is no “One Way” Training method.Each Has Their Advantages and Disadvantages. A Good Trainer | Teacher A good teacher learns all methods and applies the one that best fits each individual dog they are working with. Good trainers learn to overcome any disadvantages for any given method if that is the best choice for a dog. Many trainers will not recommend some methods to clients because …

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Is it safe to take a dog outside before third round-vaccines

Robert K. Anderson DVM Diplomate ACVB and ACVPM Professor and Director Emeritus, Animal Behavior Clinic and Center to Study Human/Animal Relationships and Environments University of Minnesota 1666 Coffman Street, Suite 128, Falcon Heights, MN 55108 Phone 612-644-7400 FAX 612-644-4262 Puppy Vaccination and Socialization Should Go Together TO: My Colleagues in Veterinary Medicine: Common questions I receive from puppy owners, dog trainers and veterinarians concern: 1) What is the most favorable age or period of time …

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puppy stages

Livestock Guardian Dog Section

Livestock Guardian Dog Section Preventing LGD Failure – Meeting Your LGD’s Needs  Preventing LGD Failure – Meeting Your LGD’s Needs It can be confusing, especially for new owners of livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) to sort out which information to follow as oftentimes the advice they hear is contradictory. For example “never bring them in the house and don’t handle them a lot” versus “bring them inside where … Click Here Livestock Guardian DogsHistory and Training …

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Dog Training Resources

Learning the Basics to Advanced Skills of the Science Technology of Behavior Change We are leading the dog industry in the right direction and getting away from using labels and constructs. Using words like “Dominant”, “stubborn”, or “Bad” are constructs that many use to describe our dogs. Behavior is a verb, it is not what our learners are it is what our learners do. Lets try to think of the many labels we use to …

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Learn The Basics of Behavior A place for pet owners to learn more! Teaching dogs to solve problems is very important because it builds confidence and dogs learn to adapt to our ever changing environment. Here at Camp Ruff Ruff you will learn to instill behaviors, modify unwanted behaviors and learn to look at what function any behavior serves an animal. Learn the foundation of animal behavior to become a better communicator: Click Here for …

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