Livestock Guardian Dog Section

Livestock Guardian Dog Section Preventing LGD Failure – Meeting Your LGD’s Needs  Preventing LGD Failure – Meeting Your LGD’s Needs It can be confusing, especially for new owners of livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) to sort out which information to follow as oftentimes the advice they hear is contradictory. For example “never bring them in the house and don’t handle them a lot” versus “bring them inside where … Click Here Livestock Guardian DogsHistory and Training …

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Dog Training Resources

Learning the Basics to Advanced Skills of the Science Technology of Behavior Change We are leading the dog industry in the right direction and getting away from using labels and constructs. Using words like “Dominant”, “stubborn”, or “Bad” are constructs that many use to describe our dogs. Behavior is a verb, it is not what our learners are it is what our learners do. Lets try to think of the many labels we use to …

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Learn The Basics of Behavior A place for pet owners to learn more! Teaching dogs to solve problems is very important because it builds confidence and dogs learn to adapt to our ever changing environment. Here at Camp Ruff Ruff you will learn to instill behaviors, modify unwanted behaviors and learn to look at what function any behavior serves an animal. Learn the foundation of animal behavior to become a better communicator: Click Here for …

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Camp Ruff Ruff Code of Ethics

 Code of Ethics  Camp Ruff Ruff is dedicated to advocating and maintaining ethical practices in the dog training world. A large number of the public trust dog training professionals with behavioral guidance for their companion dogs; therefore we are critical about our commitment to operate ethically. Every one of us at Camp Ruff Ruff is an example for all our members and for other dog training professionals. Therefore we take our commitment to high standards …

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Thanksgiving safety tips for dogs! November 22, 2023 Thanksgiving safety tips for dogs    Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time for family and friends, but it’s important to keep in mind the safety of your furry friends, especially dogs, during the festivities. Here are some Thanksgiving safety tips for dogs: Avoid Feeding Table Scraps: While it’s tempting to share the feast with your dog, many Thanksgiving foods can be harmful to them. Foods like chocolate, …

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Recommendation equipment for dogs that pull

Our Training Equipment Recommendations For Dogs That pull Freedom No Pull Harness SHOP AMAZON – Freedom No-Pull Harness ONLY (1″ Wide Large (LG), Red w/Black Loop) Harness Lead SHOP AMAZON – Harness Lead Escape Resistant, Reduces Pull Dog Harness, Medium/Large 40 to 170 lbs, Orange Reflective Position Harness Lead

Harness Lead

Our Top Picks For Toughest, Durable Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers

Our Top Picks For Toughest, Durable Dog Toys   Welcome to Camp Ruff Ruff’s website. We will like to share our experience with heavy dog chewers and toys. Many of us have met or owned dogs that just destroy all toys and many of these toys are expensive. Destroying toys can be very dangerious. We’ve personally witnessed dogs destroy a toy in under a minute. In over a decade of running a dog training and …

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heavey chew toy

Finding the Perfect Home For Your Dog

 Finding the Perfect Home For Your Pooch, And How To Keep Them Safe On Moving Day   If you’re a dog owner in the middle of house hunting or moving to a new home, you have to take your pet into consideration and make sure you’re buying a suitable home for your pooch. Read on to learn about what to look for in a new home, and how to plan for moving day to keep …

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