Puppy Prep Shopping List

Puppy Prep Shopping List Bringing your new puppy home is an exciting and memorable time for every pet owner. Puppies don’t require a lot of equipment.  Nutritious food appropriate for their age, a variety of toys for chewing, a baby gate for restricting room access, the right sized collar and leash, and a crate big enough to fit them into adulthood are the basics every owner should invest in.  Plush dog beds, fancy treats and […]

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new puppy shopping checklist

Five Ways You Can Prepare to Own Your First Pet

 Owning a pet is a privilege. Yet, if you’ve never had one before, you may be overwhelmed by all that you have to consider. Here are five tips to help you find the pet of your dreams.    Navigate Choices Research is key before you select your pet. You have to be certain that your home and your lifestyle are compatible with your choice. Come up with a checklist, then go through it systematically. Does

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How to Survive Your Puppy Teething Stage

How to Survive Your Puppy Teething Stage   So, you’ve brought your little fluff ball home and everything is perfect. They are adorable, healthy, bright-eyed and ready to be your best friend. Right now, they love to mouth on you and explore everything around them gum-first. At some point, that adorable habit of gentle mouthing will become a full-fledged craze, leading you to lock up shoes, couches, and electric cables in an effort to keep

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puppy teething stage

When You Should Start Training Your Puppy

 When You Should Start Training Your Puppy  Ask a group of dog trainers when the best age is to train a puppy and you may get several different answers. This is because the standards for dog training has gone through such an evolution over the years: industry techniques that were common twenty years ago are now regarded as cruel and unusual for today’s trainers. This is especially true when discussing the ideal age to start

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How To Deal With A Mouthy Puppy

 How to Deal with a Mouthy Puppy    Part of bringing home a puppy is going through the house and moving everything you hold dear in life up out of their reach.  When puppies start exploring the textural qualities and flavor profiles of everything, the real training begins.  This innate desire for puppies to put everything in their mouths is similar to the same stage in human toddlerhood; exploring and experiencing new things through all

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mouthy puppy

The Importance of Puppy Socialization

 The Importance of Puppy Socialization    The most common training problems in adult dogs are, surprisingly, the result of poor socialization during their puppy months.  Dogs that show aggression to other dogs, are afraid of wet grass, and those who don’t like nail clipping or baths, are all behaviors that could have been prevented with socialization. The question is, though, what is socialization, how can it prevent all these behaviors, and what is the best

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Stages of Puppyhood

Stages of Puppyhood Being a puppy is more than just play time, cuddles, and puppy breath. Every day your little one is learning and growing. What they experience in these formative years (Stages of Puppyhood) play an integral role in the personality they will develop as they turn into adult dogs. As you could guess, well-socialized puppies most often turn into well-socialized dogs. When you talk, pet, play, and love your puppy, you are setting

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Stages of Puppyhood
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